Ripon Cathedral Door Actuation System

Ripon Cathedral
Ripon Cathedral doorway
Ripon Cathedral door actuation system

We are proud to have been responsible for the design and supply of the door actuation system fitted to the recently re-opened North entrance to Ripon Cathedral.

The needs of this mechanical engineering project were that the pair of ancient oak doors, which are the Cathedral’s main entrance, have to be closed in the windy conditions that Ripon is sometimes blessed with. The pair of gothic arched doors are almost 5.5 metres high and with an area of 9m² each they generate a significant wind load reaction. The system needed to have sufficient force to overcome this reaction but be gentle with the old doors and also comply with the relevant legislation to prevent personal injury. The system also needed to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of the Cathedral Architect.

No standard system was available which satisfied these requirements so our client, Drawn Metal Ltd, asked if we could provide a solution. An interesting challenge, the project was completed to everyone’s satisfaction, on time by 31st March 2012.