Solidworks Setup

Solidworks setup

If your company is using Solidworks you’ll be aware of the many advantages this powerful software can offer, chief amongst them, arguably, being the savings and efficiencies which can be made once the software is properly configured.

As wonderful as it is, there are limitations to the performance of any standard installation of Solidworks when used within a network. This is because the default location for all the information used by the programme is the local hard drive.

In order to make full advantage of the software in a networked environment, especially when used with a PDM system, it becomes necessary to configure the installations accordingly. This involves using central network locations for commonly used data (templates, design libraries, databases etc.) in order to prevent the conflicts which commonly occur and to generate reliable data for use by other departments (purchasing, accounts etc.).

In our work providing design services we have been asked on many occasions to help our customers with Solidworks networking issues, as such we have now developed a standardised company model for Solidworks installations in a networked design office. Our model is in the form of a generic design folder with a series of subfolders which have all the correct links, data and syntax. Once your company’s standard templates and libraries have been incorporated into the design folder and suitable renaming has taken place, the procedure involves installation of the design folder on the nominated network drive and then configuring the search paths of each installation to reference the design folder for commonly accessed data.

Using our standardised design folder installed by our engineers will reduce the time taken to achieve maximum efficiency by up to 90%.

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